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Peter and his wife came to Naples from most of the time gloomy Poland to retrieve into a bliss of everlasting sunny days and beautiful life Florida has to offer. Their two sons are already grown: one is pursuing a career of a web side engineer and the other is entering college. In a free time they love to travel, spend time with their family and friends and stay outdoors to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Peter is a man of a moment: he knows it is NOW that lives takes place and you have to make the best of it. In his photography the same principle takes place: catching that flickering moment of happiness and joy of life into the picture, not to dwell in the past, but to make a present moment everlasting.

There is this crisp freshness and perfectionism in his pictures: you know he worked hard to capture the best shot and then he took time to meticulously turn it into a work of art…

He is a man with an enormous amount of creativity and skills. And when reality will prove some of the plans wrong: he is not afraid to admit it, and will try yet another one until he knows its right. His happy and positive attitude will make a session a pleasurable experience.

Peter’s love of photography and working with people, many years of experience as well as a spirit of perfectionism together with a curiosity to try new approaches, made him into a great professional he is today.




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